Coconut Joe: Lunch at The Park - Tamarind Square, Honolulu 2/3/2004
photos by Richard Rehkemper (see more of Rick's extraordinary photos)
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10_tamarind2 1_CJ Quartet 2_Bob 3_BobbyBlue 4_Frank
10_tamarind2.jpg         1_CJ Quartet.jpg         2_Bob.jpg         3_BobbyBlue.jpg         4_Frank.jpg        
5_BarbaraAnn 6_Peter 7_seemynewstick 8_seemynewstick2 9_sassy
5_BarbaraAnn.jpg         6_Peter.jpg         7_seemynewstick.jpg         8_seemynewstick2.jpg         9_sassy.jpg        

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