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We’re just a little different. No “jawaiian” and it’s not traditional Hawai`ian. A blend of adult contemporary music, perhaps you might call it folk rock jazz lighty topped with shredded coconut.

Music for kama`aina (locals) and malahini (visitors), our songs are in mostly in English and all written from a small town in the middle of the ocean.

Mahalo (thank you) for any kokua (help) you can offer in spreading the Word of Joe.


downloadable 300 dpi band photos and graphics

'99 two waters
`02 middle of the ocean

radio playing CJ across the world

All thumbnails are linked to 300 dpi photos. Click on photo, then Right click (win) or Option Click (mac) to download


CJ Quartet

CJ Quartet OL

CJ Quartet 3

two waters cd cover

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