Tucson, Arizona: We camped in Tucson for 4 days, at two different sites, the first being Catalina State Park with a great camp ground and a day of bike and hikes.   We also stayed at a deluxe private RV resort in the midst of Tucson town closer to the Saguaro National Park hoping for a mid day bike ride.  We spent most of Saturday shopping for supplies, RV clothes, hiking boots, power tools and shelving for the RV.  That’s right, I actually had to justify buying a new cordless drill for installation of a cabinet.  It will easily fit in my luggage going back home.

Lost Hwy Story:  On Sunday, after the National Park bike ride I suggested that I ride back to the RV Resort on my bike and Barbara could drive the RV back to the resort area, her first attempt at driving the beast.  It was only a 10 mile ride down Old Spanish Road, make a left at the T in the road, and then a right at the second street, Pantana Rd., and we’ll meet at the Home Depot.  Well, she made a right at the T.  Upon my arrival at Home Depot I did not see my golden chariot a waiting.  Houston, we have a problem.  “Hello, sweetheart, where the %#*&@! are you.”  “I’m all the way down Broadway (yes, they have a Broadway too).  I can’t find Pantana Rd.”  “Ok, pull over, get the iPad out and tell me where you are.”  Long story, short: she did good and we talked her back to earth’s orbit and she landed her craft appropriately.  All’s well that ends well.  Anyway, here are the photo albums from our four days in Tucson.

Zig Zag Across America

Spring 2012