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Why? Really, why?

Well, the band had a discussion at rehearsal about Joe Tunes so I pulled these numbers out of the CJ Song database and shared it with them. Thus, it is now shared with the world as I feel it's our job to pontificate, regurgitate, and educate the masses. - Professor Von Joe.

Obviously, I really need to get a day job.

As of the Summer of 2005...

There are currently a total of 124 Joe Tunes in the CJ Library
64 Joe Tunes are currently being performed
60 are in hibernation

Of the 64, here are the nums....
Avg Length: 4:09

Avg Tempo: 127

Favorite Keys (M, m, 7ths):
G 14, E 13, A 12, D 8, C 8, F 3, B 3, and of course Db7 1.
26 of the 64 are in minor keys with 8 in Am

Genre: Pop 18, Rock 15, Jazz 11,
Blues 8, Folk Rock 5, R&B 3, C&W 2

Topic: Tropical 25, Love 17, Introspective 12,
Biographical 5, Fun (whimsical) 3, Instrumental 2

Oldest songs of the 64: Kelly Ann ‘84, Sins of CJ ‘84, Silent English Walls ‘84, Castaway ‘85, Sometimes ‘86

Latest Songs: Slow Boat, Boogie Oogie Girl, The Emerald Sea, Surf's Up, Cats and Dogs

Most obscure and coolest CJ song rarely performed:
Captain Bob and his Galactic Starship
(please request this at a live show as the band will never let me do it)

True or False? Every Coconut Joe song has a story behind it.
This is actually true. If by some chance there isn't a true story, we'll certainly make one up.

The word “Marvelous” and “Satchel” are used only once and the words "Ocean" and "Moon" are used in 18 songs. "Island" is used 10 times, "Sea" 10 times, "Tropical" 6 times, though "Pacific" is only used twice (not a good sounding word to sing).

"Lucy" and "Elvis" are used twice but both influenced many songs.

There you have it. Bust out the CJ Trivia Pursuit.



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