40 years ago...


On the last day of April in 1971, a civil union took place in Judge Samuel King’s chambers in Honolulu, Hawai`i.  We had made the decision and appointment a couple of weeks before.  My mom and her husband Benny drove us to the court house and were our witnesses.  

Earlier that morning I had my wisdom teeth pulled and I also had strep throat.   We had already made the appointment with Judge King.  Needless to say I was in extreme pain and finally, after being heavily medicated with Darvon, I said the words “I will”.  Poor Barbara had to deal with me all morning at the dentist and the doctors.  She stood by my side, propping me up and said “I will.”  

As we left the judge’s chambers, Benny, my step father, handed me a twenty dollar bill and said congratulations.   That’s it.  We began our civil union.

We got hitched with no fan fare, no ceremony, no reception, no wedding photos, dress, or cake.   There was no wedding registry at Liberty House, no romantic elopement to Vegas, no champagne.   Just some great pain killers and an old Hostess cupcake in the cupboard waiting for us at our studio apartment next to Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kailua.

It was presumed by my side of the family that Barbara was hapai (pregnant) and that we were forced to get married.  


What other reason would these two twenty year olds get married and not have a ceremony or a reception.  Well, my calculator says that Christy Lee was born 18 months later.  Barbara obviously wasn’t pregnant when we said those two words.

Could it possibly be that these kids were ridiculously in love.  We knew that Barbara’s parents were in Florida and couldn’t afford to come back to Hawaii.  My mom didn’t have the money and we were completely broke.   What were we going to do, wait till we had the bucks?  Besides, we were living in sin and that had to be corrected.

Well, that was the world back then.  It’s time to right a wrong.  We did...

Christy and Michael Rogers
proudly announce the marriage of their parents,

Robert Charles Rogers 
Barbara Ann Lisiewski
 we request your presence at
a ceremony and reception to be held at 
864 Kainui Drive, Kailua, Hawaii 
on Saturday,April 30th, 2011,
which is also their 40th Anniversary.
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