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In October 2009, as I was sitting in a Cruise America RV in the middle of Yosemite Valley, I popped open my Macbook and wrote a letter to Steve telling him a little about me and how Apple had dramatically influenced my life.  We were at the end of a 16 day Northern California road trip, that basically, as you'll learn, Apple paid for.  In the letter I described how diversely I used Macintosh computers in my business (Filemaker Developer, business consultant) and my art (singer/songwriter/producer of the group Coconut Joe which had released two CDs in the last 10 years, as well as a wannabe photographer).

There’s more.  As an Apple shareholder since back in the late 80's, I went on to thank him profusely for his efforts to bring Apple back from the dead, developing such great products and sending the stock price soaring.  Apple is up over 10,000% since the mid 90’s.   I'm in awe, humbled.   Because of this investment, my wife and I were able to retire early.  We bought an RV and now divide our time between our home in Hawaii and on the road discovering America.  When not on the road, I have a music studio at home where I write and record much of the time.

As I closed my letter I jokingly offered, with my diverse background, that I might be the perfect candidate for the recent opening (at the time) on the Apple Board.  I wished him well as he struggled with his health issues and extended him much aloha.

My wife and I drove to Cupertino, printed the letter at a nearby Kinkos and then parked the giant, obnoxious RV in the parking lot at One Infinity Loop.  Armed with a box of macadamia nut chocolates and an envelope with the letter, I approached the front desk and boldly asked to meet with Steve.  Of course they told me that since I didn't have an appointment that was not possible.  Oh well, I had to try.  I asked if I could leave the envelope and mac nuts for him which they accepted.

I was so thrilled to step in the front door of the building where so much of this amazing history of Apple took place.  I had goose bumps, chicken skin as we say in Hawaii, and a huge smile.  Back home, two weeks later, I received a call from Apple's corporation counsel thanking me for the letter (not sure about the mac nuts) and asking me if I was serious about the board of directors position.  No sh*t.  I guess they have to check out all the possibilities, even wandering musicians from the islands.  As a shareholder, I at first said I didn't want to upset the "apple" cart but then as I thought about it, heck, I might be perfect for the position. 

Anyway, the board positions were filled a year later, not by me.  Today, like I said, I travel the roads and work on my music.  I'm currently working on a bunch of songs hopefully to be released later this year.  One of them, included on an EP I just released, is a homage to Steve written after his death.  It’s called Once Young (A Song For Steve).  I’ve posted a simple music video version on youtube and viemo hoping to share this with as many folks as possible.  I wrote it for the Apple employees, his wife and the thousands of young people looking for inspiration.  I’m sharing this story to demonstrate my deepest appreciation for the legacy of Steve.

If you’re interested, you can check out the videos on youtube and viemo, view the lyrics, listen to, or download the song on itunes

Thank you so much for listening to my story and my song. 



Bobby Rogers

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a short story and then a song for steve