Introducing a new EP (Extended Play) album with 5 original songs from singer/songwriter Bobby Rogers.   This is his first solo effort after producing two CDs with his group, Coconut Joe.   

This new collection features a song written for the late Steve Jobs called Once Young (A Song For Steve).  Steve left a legacy unmatched, greatly impacting our lives.  This song is dedicated to Steve, his wife and children, Apple’s employees and the individuals out there looking to innovate and positively change the world.

Other tracks include Constitutional Blues, Set Sail For the Sunset, Jesus Loves A Freight Train, and Echoes In the Canyon.  They’re a mixture of folk rock tunes touching on your rights, two ancient lovers reflecting and looking forward, carrying a heavy load and a introspective ride down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

Bobby plays all the instruments and sings all the vocals on these songs, with a little help from his sweet heart Barbara Ann on Set Sail For the Sunset.  While recording, one focus was to experiment with as many different guitar sounds, including an impromptu, bluesy lead ukelele on Constitutional Blues.  All songs were produced and recorded in his studio in Kailua, Hawai`i.   Some of the songs are also featured on videos that can be found on his youtube or viemo web sites.   Spock ‘em here:

Once Young (A Song For Steve) youtubeviemo

Echoes In The Canyon  youtube • viemo

Constitutional Blues  youtubeviemo

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Once Young EP


Turtle Bay Records

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