Aloha and welcome to our 2011 Grand Canyon adventure featuring 14 days rafting down the Colorado River, hiking the side canyons, charging the rapids, sleeping under the stars and learning so much about an incredible national park.

We shared our adventure with our 6 river guides and a family of new friends we met on the river.  Together we met the out-of-the-comfort-zone challenges that lay before some of us.  Now we are bonded forever.

My intention was to create a photo journal of our trip down the river; maybe get a few great photo opportunities if I’m lucky.  Chris Ade took some amazing photos as well and greatly augmented the collection.  He captured many great segments where I had my camera tucked away in a dry box.   We both shared a thirst to grab great vistas.  So, get ready for a lot of rocks, waterfalls, cactus, lizards, giant canyon wall-scapes, river rafting, camp site perspectives and did I mention, a lot of rocks.  Adam, Dan and Richard provided some awesome videos in the More page while Julie contributed some great family shots.  We also have added a Rogers Top 300 slide show for those who like it short and sweet.  We hope you enjoy our visit to America’s Grand Canyon.  It’s NEW! Echoes in the Canyon Music Video

Web Site Notes:  Numbers on the top menu represent the date, July 12-25.  Most day pages have multiple albums with in them.  Make sure you select “back to index” to get back to the day you’re viewing.   Download photo instructions.

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Grand Canyon 2011